Being a student at Frederikssund Gymnasium

Being a student at Frederikssund Gymnasium

At Frederikssund Gymnasium we value close relations to our students to make sure they prosper both personally and educationally. At the same time, we make sure that the students take responsibility for their own education and practice freedom with responsibility in all aspects. For example, we register absence from classes, as well as missing assignments. If a student falls behind, (s)he is called in for a conversation with a student counselor to help the student back on track. The students are also given great responsibility for their own learning in class. In Denmark there is a tradition for making the students work with the material in groups or individually when in class with only simple guidance or introduction from the teacher. Therefore, when visiting/attending classes at Frederikssund Gymnasium, you will experience that the students are often out working without supervision, before presenting their findings. The professional level of the classes and courses are of secured by the teachers and through grading students each term, to indicate their academic level.

Typical day schedule:

class/module is 95 minutes long. Students can have up to 4 modules on one day from 8.10-15.25, but as you can see below the days vary. There is a morning break from 9.45-10-00 and lunch from 11.35-12.05 and then a short afternoon break from 13.40-13.50.

Subjects studied at FG

Danish (A )
History (A)
Religion (C+B)
Classical Studies (C)
English (B+A level)
German (B)
Spanish (B+A)
French (B)
Social Studies (C+B+A)
Drama (C)
Arts (C)
Music (C+A)
Math (C+B+A)
Physical Education (C+B)
Physics (C+B+A)
Biology (C+B+A)
Geography (C+B+A)
Chemistry (C+B+A)
Astronomy (C)
Media Studies (C+B)
Latin (C)
Psychology (C+B)