FG Global

FG Global

At Frederikssund Gymnasium we have a global perspective, especially when teaching languages. Therefore we have exchange programmes with schools in Spain and France. We also have obligatory study trips abroad where students have learning experiences outside the classroom. Each second-year student travels with his class and two teachers to work on a project connecting the methods and material from the two subjects represented. Find out more here.

Exchange programs

Since 2016, Frederikssund Gymnasium has collaborated with IES La Serna in Fuenlabrada close to Madrid, Spain. Every autumn, Danish students go to Fuenlabrada for a week, where they stay with a Spanish family and get to experience the life of a Spanish teenager. Spanish students visit their Danish hosts in the following spring. The purpose of the programme is to promote cultural exchange and understanding, as well as language learning for Danish students of Spanish and Spanish students of English.

Frederikssund Gymnasium has had an exchange agreement with Lycée de Louis de Cormontaigne in Metz, France, since 2017. Every autumn, Danish students of French visit the French lycée and stay with a French family. They experience what life is like for teenagers in Northern France and practice their language skills. Their French hosts visit them In Denmark every spring to experience Danish daily life and further develop their English language proficiency.

Study trips

All students participate on a study trip in their 2nd year. On these trips, the students are required to do empirical research to answer a research question combining methods and material from two different subjects, f.ex. geography and social studies. Often the students do various interviews at their destinations which they interpret and use to answer their research question. Furthermore, the study trips give the students a view of life outside their own environment in Denmark. It enhances their understanding of the world, and how culture, language and political systems have come about in other countries, and how the cultures in these countries are both similar and different from Denmark. This will prepare students for life in a globalized world.

Example of destinations, subjects and themes.
Dublin: Social Studies and English: Brexit and Ireland
New York: Social Studies and Danish: Inequality in USA and Denmark
Liverpool: Sports and English: Sports culture and hooligans