Student Democracy

Student Democracy

At our gymnasium, we value student democracy and social life. We have various committees run entirely by students who make various initiatives and events at our school.

Students’ council

The student council is a group of representatives from all classes at FG. They meet approximately once a week to discuss issues related to student life at FG. These could include improvements of social areas at the school, toilet facilities or even social activities outside school. Often, they also suggest lecturers they would like to invite to the gymnasium to talk about subjects of interest. These could be famous writers, politicians, youth organisations etc. There is a close link between the student council and the school’s management. If the students want to change something, they bring it up in the student council and make it happen.

Environmental council

The Environmental Council at FG is a group of both students and teachers who work with the school’s environment and sustainability. The aim to make the operation of the school as green as possible through various campaigns focusing on for example green energy, green food, exchange of secondhand clothing and cycling to school. They have also organised an art competition using recycled material, and every day they empty buckets of bottles and from all the classrooms and make sure they are recycled. Furthermore they build furniture for the common areas using pallets from stores around Frederikssund. Their work has earned the school “The Green Flag”, an international label marking your school as sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Social committees

The social committees oranise the afternoon cafées and the school parties at FG. During a school year there are 6 cafées: October Café, Christmas café, Former student café, Love Café, Toga Café and Exam Café. The 6 parties are: Intro Party, Campus Party, Halloween Party, Theme Party, Galla and Rave. The Galla party is a very formal party in April, where all the students are dressed formally. The graduating class arrives in style to dance Les Lanciers before dinner, where they have invited their teachers to dine with them. Several traditions are carried out during the festivities and the whole evening is a highlight of the year.