The Danish educational system

The Danish Educational System

SU – Student grants and loans

Every Dane over the age of 18 is entitled to public support for his or her education – regardless of social standing. There are no tuition fees at Danish educational institutions. Student support is granted by the State (in the form of State education grants and loans), and it is the only source of support of any importance. Student support is available from after the students’ 18th birthday. Grants and State loans are given for educational programmes recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education.
Support is given in the form of grants and government-subsidized state loans. The amount given to each student depends on whether they live by themselves or with their parents. The amount can differ from 970DKK per month to 2691DKK per month before taxes for students living at home. For students living by themselves, the amount differs from the lowest being 4005DKK To 6243DKK before taxes. The amount given is always determined by your parents’ income. The more your parents earn, the less you can get in SU and vice versa.

Source: SU english